Pressing Companies

With 3rd party comic grading services being more popular than they ever have been, we all want to try to get the best grade possible for our comic investments when submitting them. One way to do that is to have your comics pressed before sending them into your grading company of choice. Below is a list of pressing companies. 

Be warned, if you use a less reputable company, they could end up ruining your investment.

Below is a list of companies that I have used personally or are highly reputable in the industry.

Hero Restoration
CFP Comics & Services
CCS - Classic Collectible Services

The rest of the companies listed below aren't necessarily bad, they are just companies that I haven't read any reviews or had any personal experience with.

Avery Comic Pressing
CPRS- Condition Potential Realization Service
Impressive Comic Books Pressing Services
CBPS - Comic Book Pressing Service

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