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Amazing Spider-Man #238

Marvel - March 1983

Key Issue Notes
First appearance of Hobgoblin

This is the last of the Amazing Spider-Man key issues that I'm going to do from the leaked cast list that I've mentioned on here before. Don't worry, there will definitely be more key issues from this series, since it's loaded with them.

This comic holds the first appearance of the Hobgoblin. Since Ned Leeds is going to make an appearance in the new Spider-Man movie coming out next summer, I thought I'd tell you a little about this key.

Before this comic came out, fans were clamoring and writing into Marvel to bring back the Green Goblin. Marvel decided against bringing back the iconic Spider-Man villain, and opted instead to create a whole new goblin character, so they came up with Hobgoblin.

Why am I mentioning this comic you ask? Well, when the Hobgoblin is first unmasked in Amazing Spider-Man #289, it is Ned Leeds that is under that goblin mask. After some controversy over at Marvel, resulting in people getting fired, they changed the identity of Hobgoblin to Roderick Kingsley instead.

It seems that it was never intended for Ned Leeds to become the Hobgoblin in the first place. It was always Roger Stern's idea for Hobgoblin to be Kingsley instead of Leeds, but when he left writing for Amazing Spider-Man after issue #150, the creative team that took over had different plans for the character. If you're interested in learning more about the history of Hobgoblin, there is a great article on it right here.

In this issue, while Aunt May is converting her home into a "boarding house for senior citizens", Spider-Man chases down some bank robbers that sped by and almost ran them all over. One of the robbers is able to get away through the sewers and stumbles upon Norman Osborn's secret lair where he kept all of his Green Goblin gear. The robber, that goes by the name of Georgie, shows a mysterious, shadowed figure the lair, and that's pretty much how the Hobgoblin came to be. Obviously we never see this mysterious figures face or hear his name in this issue.

Look Out!!
I don't have any print run numbers, but looking at the CGC census, I'd say that it was fairly high. As of this writing, there have been 3,790 copied graded by them so far. Many of these are high grade copies with the most being 9.6 NM+ with  809 copies. There are 327 9.8 NM/M copies listed along with two graded a whopping 9.9 M, that being the highest grade for this comic. There are some low grade copies out there too. There's one that got graded a 0.5 Poor, which makes me wonder why anyone would want to submit that copy in to be graded. It's not like it's going to sell like the 0.5 copy of The Walking Dead #1.

Tatooz insert
This comic came with a Tatooz insert. Copies that still have this insert still intact sell for much more than the copies that have had it removed. This really isn't a problem if you're buying an already graded copy, since it will be stated on the label, but if you're buying a raw copy, look to make sure that the Tatooz are still in there.

Now, this isn't a speculation comic by any mean. It's a well known key issue, but I am speculating that Hobgoblin may show up in a future Spider-Man movie. It may also be that Ned Leeds is just going to be playing a love interest of Betty Brant's too, but you never know what those Hollywood types will do. It seems like they never follow what happens in the comics anyway.

Values for Amazing Spider-Man #238
on GoCollect
There have been a lot of eBay sales over the last few years. Most of the sales have been for 9.6 NM+ copies, which makes sense since they are the most abundant of all the grades. Sales for this grade have been hovering around the $200-$250 mark for the last few years, with a few sales going a little higher or lower than that. It seems like the lower grades have seen a nice little rise in value over the last few months. Could it be that people are scooping up cheaper copies hoping to cash in on the Hobgoblin appearing on the big screen some day? Possibly.

This is still an affordable key issue comic of a popular Spidey villain, and you're not going to break the bank for a nice high grade copy. Whether Hobgoblin shows up in a future Marvel movie or not, this is a pretty good comic to snag, especially if you're a fan of Spider-Man.

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